50 States Campaign: an #edcampHOME slam update

Yesterday during #edcampHOME’s slam, I called out anyone from a bunch of states who have not yet hosted an edcamp, inviting them to help organize one, and promising them support along the way.  I also included the same call to action in yesterday’s post, and a comment from an edcamper in Tennessee got me thinking.


Edcamps are intended to be grassroots, it is entirely possible that very successful edcamps are being planned without the Foundation’s knowledge.  Case in point: Tennessee.  It’s unlikely in this global, world, I figured, that I can’t find them even if the organizers haven’t solicited support.  Well…

It turns out that Jackson, Mississippi is very actively being organized for March 1st, at it appears to have begun with this Tweet from September.


 And there’s been talk on Twitter of organizing an edcamp in West Virginia.


And then Lisa stepped up to organize an edcamp in South Dakota.


And do check out Lisa’s strategy: she’s planning to reach out to organizers from North Dakota, and also bridge the K-12/University gap.  She’s not just planning an edcamp, she’s planning an edcamp smart.

Delaware‘s first mention of an edcamp was in November:


Idaho also has a quite well-developed plan of what they want to accomplish:


And while I hear that Nevada is planning an edcamp, they were able to elude my searching so far.  Elusive, Nevada….

To research the edcamps happening near you, or to volunteer to help organize one, check out the Edcamp Foundation.


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