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#L2BB2L Unconference: Epic Fail, Great Success, or Something in Between?


After months and months and months of planning, the Learning2Build/Building2Learn Unconference has just ended.  Reflective learner and practitioner that I am, I can’t help but immediately want to evaluate and assess to what extent we achieved our objectives as event organizers.  And, true to life, I find that in some ways it was a (and hear Borat in your head, please) Greeeeeeat success! and in other ways it was a complete and epic failure.  In order to address this question, we have to know what our objectives are.  In this case, we had several:

  • Create a space in which K-12 and college/ university educators can collaborate.
  • Gather change agents working in education, especially, but not exclusively, those in the Rochester area.
  • Empower learners to take ownership of their own learning.
  • Utilize a presentation method in which the medium is imperative to the message.

Our first and second objectives were absolutely met.  K-12 and college/ university educators did indeed gather at RIT on a frigid Saturday morning to discuss how we can help students create more content than they consume, the barriers that keep us from shifting the create/consume balance, and successful methods for tearing down those barriers.  There were scheduled sessions which included presentations, lectures, and demonstrations that were somehow related to this topic.  There is a Facebook group, a Google+ community, YouTube Videos and a flood of #l2bb2l tweets that allow this fledgling community to remain in touch.  It’s easy to see that the first two objectives were achieved.

The third and fourth objectives are much harder for me to evaluate.  In reality, the event was far more conference than un.

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50 States Campaign: an #edcampHOME slam update

Yesterday during #edcampHOME’s slam, I called out anyone from a bunch of states who have not yet hosted an edcamp, inviting them to help organize one, and promising them support along the way.  I also included the same call to action in yesterday’s post, and a comment from an edcamper in Tennessee got me thinking.


Edcamps are intended to be grassroots, it is entirely possible that very successful edcamps are being planned without the Foundation’s knowledge.  Case in point: Tennessee.  It’s unlikely in this global, world, I figured, that I can’t find them even if the organizers haven’t solicited support.  Well…

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Chillin’ with my #edcampHOMIES


At noon today, I was waiting in near breathless anticipation for #edcampHOME to begin.  That’s not hyperbole: I love learner-directed professional development. Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I couldn’t sleep last night.  I was literally jumping up and down with excitement this morning.

What is #edcampHOME?

I’m not going to try to explain what edcamp is as a movement in this post.  Lots of others have done it more eloquently and knowledgeably that I could.  See Kristen Swanson‘s blog, for instance. Or this post by David Thierault.  And I’m not going to explain how edcampHOME functions as compared to a traditional, in-person edcamp.  See the FAQs here.

But I absolutely will blow your mind by linking you to all of the learner-directed, tech-facilitated conversations that were happening this morning.  And I’ll wrap up with a suggestion that you help organize your own edcamp…

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