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“…the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do.”

My resume doesn’t look like yours.  It’s deliberately meant to be non-traditional, both to vet you, dear potential employer and collaborator, and to help me stand out from the pack.

The title of this blog post is part of an Andrew Carnegie quote that frames the second and final page of my resume which simply contains a timeline of the last ten years of my professional life.  As the medium is the message, let me put this blog to use showing you what I do: not only do I plan un/conferences such as #L2BB2L and present on using technology to regional and national teachers, but I also take the time to learn.  What follows are examples of professional learning I am currently participating in and professional learning I am looking forward to participating in this summer.

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“The best part-time job I ever had…”

When I was a very new teacher, some greats were on their way out the door. I was fortunate enough to get to learn with a few of them (here’s looking at you, Tulsey, LoVecchio, Williams, both Coddingtons, and Whiting) and perhaps even luckier to get to teach with an ever-diminishing number of this generation (here’a also looking at you, Gwinno, Markham, Anderson, Wright, and Rogers). At the end of my first year, one of these Greats among Teachers, Steve Griffin, a beloved sixth grade science teacher at my first district, accepted a leadership position in a nearby district. We chided him for turning to the “dark side” of administration, lovingly knowing that our loss was most certainly their gain. I stopped him to congratulate him on his promotion, and he met me with the same mischievousness that his students adored and said that I would enjoy my career as a teacher. “It’s the best part-time job I ever had,” he said as we parted.

Ten years later, I know why his eyes twinkled when he uttered that punchline. Of course, he was referring to the notorious summers off that teachers are afforded. There’a an old teacher-joke…

Q: What’re your 3 favorite things about teaching?
A: June, July, and August!

In the light of some quite negative press that local teachers have both been subjected to and brought upon themselves (sow’s ear?), and responding to comments by several colleagues and a student that I should take my own medicine and write reflectively more often, I wanted to capture the June, July, and August of this teacher.

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